100 years of Disney and a smashing good animated short to bring it all your "wishes" together

It has been 100 years since Walt Disney signed the contract that would establish Disney Brothers Animation Studios and now, the animators have released their new tip-of-the-hat short to say thank you.
Colombiamoda 2023 - Day 1
Colombiamoda 2023 - Day 1 / Oscar Garces/GettyImages

For more generations, the world that Walt Disney created 100 years ago stands as a family destination that while expensive, brings the child out of everyone. Now, with the celebration in full swing, Disney Animations Studios released "Once Upon a Studio", a 12-minute short to commemorate the beginning of all things Disney.

First, the short. Lifelong Disney fans, young and old will love the animation nod. Featuring nearly all of Disney's animated properties, I'm sure there is at least one missing somewhere but even Oswald the Lucky Rabbit makes a debut.

Admittedly, this is a fantastic tear-inducing trip down memory lane. If you can make it through some of the early nods to the company's animation, Mickey talking to Walt will tip you over. This is the only part of the short I wished had changed.

I loved Mickey seeing Walt's photo on the wall, I only wish he would have taken it down and carried it with him to the end.

It's a small complaint for an otherwise perfect salute to 100 years of what the Studio has brought so many guests in those ten decades.

I find it amazing that when you look back at the early years of the Walt Disney Company that it was able to continue to grow and entertain generation after generation. Why? That's the question that is so often asked but no one can answer.

On social media, Disney has thousands of followers and there are so many fan websites across the internet (Hello! over hear!)

What makes it so wonderful? So magical? Make so many people throw thousands of dollars out the window to visit for a few days a year or a few days in a lifetime?

The simplest answer is the core values of the park haven't changed. Disney World and Disneyland and every other park, television show, movie, and everything in between remain family oriented.

At a Disney park you are allowed, even encouraged to be a child again and while you might be whipping out your wallet, you are typically smiling about it when you do.

What will another 100 years of Disney look like? For most of us, we will never know but there is no end in site and so much more on the horizon that we have yet to see what Walt's vision might ultimately become before all is said and done, or if it ever will be, done.

The short can be seen on ABC's digital streaming apps and is currently on the Disney+ app as well. It's more than a trip down memory lane and more of a trip down your own path through the years. It's bound to touch everyone at some point and is worth more than the single viewing that you initially take.