15 absolutely timeless Disney movies from the '90s

From Beauty and the Beast and Mulan to even A Goofy Movie, here's some of the best '90s Disney films that stand out.
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Throughout the years, Disney has brought us so many wonderful movies to enjoy. Whether those are the beloved and nostalgic animated ones, or even some live-action films set in the real world. There's some of the funnest and most unique stories brought to life. And some of the best and most timeless came out in the '90s!

Going through our list, I didn't realize just how many hits were released in the '90s. There's so many good ones like Alaadin, The Lion King, Hocus Pocus, and more. Ready to check them out? Read on below for some of our favorite timeless '90s Disney movies!

Beauty and the Beast (1991)

It's known as the tale as old as time for a reason! Beauty and the Beast first came out in 1991, and the story of how a beautiful, smart, young woman who likes to read was able to find the goodness in someone who shut himself from the world is such a great message. And the Beast, aka Prince Adam, also learned to stop being selfish and think about others. The story, the dance sequence, and everything else in between makes this film magical and timeless to us. And fun fact, the follow-up movie, Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas, came out in 1997.

Alaadin (1992)

Alaadin opened up a whole new world, yes pun intended, to us when it first debuted and it still remains such a classic and fan-favorite! Though a bit older, Genie's jokes and actions still make us laugh, and the story is still relatable to the new generation constantly discovering Disney for the first time. What I love about Alaadin is that the gender roles were reversed. This time, it was the man struggling and Jasmine is already a princess. This was a different take from what we'd traditionally seen from Disney films, and more of what we see in media today. Alaadin was one of the first films to take that step and portray a different culture.