2 Disney World attractions that are super boring despite looking awesome!

Toy Story Land is home to Woody's Lunchbox
Toy Story Land is home to Woody's Lunchbox /

Disney World has some amazing attractions but some of them look much better than they actually are.

So you made the decision to go to Disney World. You have read the top Diz blogs and have scribbled down all the nuggets and recommendations. You may have even talked with a travel planner. You are ready. Now you just have to wait.

Part of that waiting often includes repeated views of Disney attractions. Pictures, videos, 4K VR YouTube videos, and of course, the Disney website. You list off what you want to ride, what you have heard you must ride, and scratched through some as an, "If I have time."

Chances are you have heard, "Lots of fun," "Must-ride," and "Worth the wait." The problem is not everyone is honest and not everyone has the same opinion. Case in point, I'm about ready to give you mine and you may absolutely not think I am correct. Other writers may not think I am correct and that's fine. I would rather they continue to fill up the lines in these five attractions so other, and much better attractions, might have fewer wait times.

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride is a brilliant work of aesthetic art but the ride doesn't meet the expectations.

I have repeatedly heard others say that this attraction's biggest problem is the attraction ride time. It is short but there are far more problems with this ride than the length of time. What should have been a fun new concept by Imagineers, turned out to be something more or less, boring.

The wait time is always well over an hour and while I continuously read how much "fun" this attraction is, I have yet to hear one person get off the ride and say it was worth the wait. Not one person said they have to "ride it again", not one person cheered when they got off.

I have ridden this attraction enough to get a good feel for it. It isn't on my list of things I want to do when I visit Magic Kingdom anymore. I don't try and get a pass for it and when I rope-drop the park, it isn't the attraction I go running off to ride.

What could have been a fun concept with the bucket seats that sway back and forth with each turn and twist of the rails, is really just an extremely uncomfortable seat that hints at something bigger but never reaches a zenith of excitement.

One of the best and most attractive attractions at any Disney World park is Slinky Dog Dash.

Slinky Dog Dash calls out to you. The entire Toy Storyland theme is amazing, colorful, and full of life. Slinky is one of those attractions that is picturesque. The photos do it justice and when you see it for the first time, you are impressed because you should be.

Typically, the line exceeds 90 minutes and can reach as high as 2 hours. It is one of those attractions that is better experienced with a rope drop than a wait. Waiting for Slinky is boring but it is out of the sun for most of the queue.

Once on board, guests are excited, locked in, and ready to go. By the time it ends, guests are wondering why they stood in line for 2 hours. The attraction is not as short at Seven Dwarfs but it isn't long either.

This could have been so much better. There are fewer twists and turns and more ups and downs as the ride takes you over small hills but those hills lack the thrill of say, a back country road that makes your belly jump.

Slinky has one great thing going for it, it actually stops in the middle of the ride and you get to experience the take-off all over again. While that is kind of interesting, it only reminds you that the ride is almost over and you waited a long time for what amounts to be more time-consuming than thrilling which I suppose they were not going for.