3 Classic Disney movies that deserve to be remade and 2 that should never be touched

It seems that when it comes to movies these days, Disney films or not, retreads and remakes are all the rage and if we are honest, most if not all of them shouldn't be. The problem is they are picking the wrong films to remake.
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Disney is no stranger to retheming their classic films for a modern-day story. We don't have to look all that far from the current slate of movies that have been released or will be.

Do we need a live action Snow White? Probably not and Disney's new attention to modernizing stories isn't going over very well with their fans or the fans of the remakes. Disney needed to suffer through the thrashing it took for The Little Mermaid despite the film being well received.

While The Little Mermaid was a welcomed addition to the live-action films being made from previous animated films, others probably could have been skipped. Haunted Mansion comes to mind. Jungle Cruise was fine, I guess but those films are based on rides and they carry some fun within the story.

Where Disney is missing out, is digging into their classic films that have long ago lost their legs, lost their audience, and are not likely going to gain new appreciation from younger kids who don't really want to see films from the 1960s and 1970s despite the attempts of their parents.

Remember Herbie the Love Bug? The remake with Lindsay Lohan fell pretty flat but there are movies from the older film vaults that absolutely deserve to be remade, should be remade, and could find a new audience and generation to laugh along with the story lines.