3 Classic Disney movies that deserve to be remade and 2 that should never be touched

It seems that when it comes to movies these days, Disney films or not, retreads and remakes are all the rage and if we are honest, most if not all of them shouldn't be. The problem is they are picking the wrong films to remake.
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If you don't remember, and I'm sure you do, The Apple Dumpling Gang is primed for an updated version.

The Wild West was awfully wild when two bumbling outlaws tried to rob a bank for a large gold nugget. Featuring an extremely talented and funny core of Don Knotts and Tim Conway as well as Bill Bixby and even Harry Morgan of M.A.S.H. fame made the film a success. So much so it spawned a sequel.

The premise of the story is three siblings who are orphaned are put into the care of Bixby's Russell Donovan who isn't exactly thrilled with the new addition to his single life style in 19th century California.

The kids become friends with the comedic duo and try to strike a deal with them to get the gold nugget that they found out of the bank and out of Donovan's hands.

Overall, this is one of those films that simply fits for families. It's wholesome fun that will bring giggles and laughs but also, could use an update.

In 2023, the Apple Dumpling Gang could ride yet again and personally, I would love to see George Clooney and Brad Pitt take up the roles of Theodore and Angus because they simply know how to make fun of themselves and even older now they could still pull it off.