3 Classic Disney movies that deserve to be remade and 2 that should never be touched

It seems that when it comes to movies these days, Disney films or not, retreads and remakes are all the rage and if we are honest, most if not all of them shouldn't be. The problem is they are picking the wrong films to remake.
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Old Yeller is one of the best classic movies ever made. To this day, the film is mentioned as the one that will melt a man's soul. It should never be touched.

Life in the west wasn't easy and this story tells the story of a family trying to make their way in life on a prairie in the west. It follows the families ups and downs and the tragedy, trials, and tribulations of life during that time.

The film features Fess Parker of Davy Crockett fame and Tommy Kirk who played the young Travis Coates who finds himself becoming the man of the house when his father is away on a cattle drive.

Old Yeller, a mangy stray mutt wanders on to the Coates' farm and makes himself at home. Over the course of the film, the dog earns his way into the family by protecting it and helping the young man care for his family.

By now, you probably know the ending and while I won't spoil it for those who are not aware, it is a tear jerker and shows the growth and maturity of a boy who grows into a man.

Is Old Yeller perfect? Maybe not entirely but there is nothing that the modern world could give this film that the 1958 version doesn't already have in it and frankly, the only thing you could add to modernize it would be, well, nothing.