3 Classic Disney movies that deserve to be remade and 2 that should never be touched

It seems that when it comes to movies these days, Disney films or not, retreads and remakes are all the rage and if we are honest, most if not all of them shouldn't be. The problem is they are picking the wrong films to remake.
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Our last entry on this list is a classic that is about due for a Disney reimagining. Treasure Island is another film based on a novel, this time Robert Louis Stevenson.

Treasure Island is a classic novel that today still is read around the world. While the 1950 Disney film was good, it wasn't great and hasn't held up well over the decades.

At the core, Disney wasn't able to really dive into the novel itself and while many adaptations of the novel have hit the screen, there is still room for a new Disney remake that could take on more of the core material and flesh out the depth of the story.

Disney has strayed away from classic films over the years. Now, they tend to remake animated film into live action adpatations. They are creating superhero stories and galactic adventures through the Star Wars universe but there was a time they made fun family films that were not over the top.

Treasure Island could give Disney a big return with a serious and yet adventurous film that doesn't have to star Duane the Rock Johnson to get laughs.