3 reasons to start your Disney World trip at Magic Kingdom

There are so many decisions to make on a Disney vacation. This is an easy one.
Walt Disney World in Orange County
Walt Disney World in Orange County / Anadolu/GettyImages

When planning a trip to Walt Disney World, one of the biggest tasks is planning out your days.

It can be tricky trying to determine which day is right to go to Hollywood Studios, which is right for a resort day, and which one you want to do your big dining experience.

There is, however, one constant: You need to start your trip by spending your first full day at Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom is the emotional center of Disney World. It’s where everything happens. You can take a walk down Main Street USA, go on a trip to the old west in Frontierland, and get a glimpse of the future in Tomorrowland.

You can take flight with Peter Pan, travel the seven seas with the Pirates of the Caribbean, and catch a glimpse at the eighth wonder of the world: the backside of water.

It’s my favorite park. It’s where my family starts all of our trips. Here are 3 reasons why you should too.

1. The pictures

Disney World is filled with great spots to take pictures. Your Instagram carousel will thank you for all the fun shots of you and your family having a blast across The Most Magical Place on Earth.

Still, which one is everybody looking for? You, with your ears on, in front of Cinderella’s castle. That’s the picture. And it never gets old.

No matter what look the Castle has (maybe not the birthday cake), its place in the background of your family’s holiday card is set the second you step foot on the property.

2. The attractions

Magic Kingdom has the most rides of any park at Disney. This offers something that can be hard to manage when in the parks: flexibility.

Too long a wait at Haunted Mansion? Go ride Big Thunder. Line for Pirates too long? Try Philharmagic. Dumbo’s over an hour? Maybe go get lunch.

The point is that it might be nice to have a plan, but when things go wrong at Magic Kingdom, it is easier to pivot there than it is anywhere else.

3. The feels

There are many signals that your trip has begun: landing at MCO, getting on a bus to your resort, and walking into the lobby for check-in. Still, nothing can top-scanning your MagicBand, walking under the Main Street Train Station, and that feeling as you prepare to turn that corner and face the castle head-on.

It can’t be beat. Unless, maybe, you compare it to the evening.

Standing on Main Street at night, watching the fireworks go up over that same castle, as Happily Ever After blasts through the speakers.