3 things you didn't know about Walt Disney World's Jungle Cruise

It's one of Disney's most beloved attractions, but how much do you know about the Jungle Cruise?

Jungle Cruise, Walt Disney World, Bay Lake, FL
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Jungle Cruise To Reopen At Disneyland Park
Jungle Cruise To Reopen At Disneyland Park / Handout/GettyImages

No. 3: Coast-to-coast checkers

In Albert Awol's office, which is the first room you walk by, you'll notice it's a chaotic mess. Lots of things are in this room, but there's one specific game that has a bit of a connection to both parks.

The checkers board.

In both queues at Disneyland and Disney World, there is a game of checkers. And when Skippers visit the other park, they'll sometimes say where they make magic and make a move on the board.

The board looks like it belongs in the room when you walk past it. But once you understand that the piece could be moved at any time, it'll make you want to check it out every time you walk past it.

Emily Blunt, Dwayne Johnson
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No. 2: A nod to the movie

As previously mentioned, the attraction added some props and storylines once the movie came out.

Typically as guests, we just walk right through queues looking at our phones trying to map out when to run to Tomorrowland or where we can eat besides Cosmic Rays. But we tend to miss some of the new additions.

Before you even enter the line, on the left side of the entrance (where the FastPass kiosks used to be) there's a giant map.

This map shows you the ride path and the path taken in the film. On it, there are messages from Frank Wolf, played by Dwayne Johnson and Alberta Falls. The note from Alberta reads:

"Hey Skips,
I updated the old map for us!
Remember to stay safe, stay friendly and stay in the boat!"

Alberta Falls

While the note from Frank says:

"To Albert,
Here's to many more adventures of a lifetime."

Frank Wolf

When you look straight ahead you'll see a giant postcard. On it shows the beautiful Alberta Falls and skippers getting a boat ready for an adventure.
There's also one small detail you might miss even if you look at the postcard a thousand times.

To the left of Alberta, there's an owl holding a Hollie berry branch. It's an easter egg to the Jingle Cruise- the overlay during the holidays. Disney World is the only park to continue as Jingle Cruise, so this little hidden detail is quite unique.

The last noticeable detail from the movie is in the office where the checkerboard is.
On a hook is a white hat. It's actually a replica of the one Johnson wore in the movie.

Make sure you take some time in the queue to notice these details before going on your five-day 10-night cruise with your favorite skipper.

Jungle Cruise To Reopen At Disneyland Park
Jungle Cruise To Reopen At Disneyland Park / Handout/GettyImages

No. 1: There's an actual Skipper of the Year award

The main reason you go on the Jungle Cruise is for the Skippers. They go through extensive training and memorization to bring you deeper and deeper into the jungle.

On the same wall as the postcard, there is an award section. There are plenty of awards including "The Rusty Propeller Award", "The Greatest Award Award" and the winner of the "Nigel Greenwater's Trivial Trivia League" which was held in 1937.

But truly the award which goes unnoticed the most is "Skipper of the Year."

The award goes to two skippers, one from the attraction and one from the Skipper Canteen, a restaurant just across from the cruise in Magic Kingdon.

Make sure you take your time and look for these not-so-hidden details in the Jungle Cruise queue on your visit through the Congo River and over the waterfall!... er sorry, under it.

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