5 Disney characters we would love to see made into a horror movie

Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey 2
Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey 2 / SOPA Images/GettyImages

When the rights to Winnie the Pooh expired, B-movie film makers already had plans to turn the beloved stuffed bear into a homicidal maniac. The movie was far from a hit but it did generate enough interest to give developers a reason to make sequel. Winni the Pooh: Blood and Honey, what a concept.

Shortly after the "success" of Blood and Honey, it was reported that another Disney-owned property would soon be made into a twisted tale of horror once the rights ended. That, of course, was Steamboat Willie, who will make his debut in a new horror film; even Pinnochio is going off the wall in a horror movie.

I'm not a huge fan of iconic Disney characters being turned into out-for-revenge maniacs, but some intriguing characters would make interesting horror villains.

Simba: The Lions' King

I could see a live-action feature film where a group of poachers wander into the arid lands of Tanzania and begin slaughtering those that Simba rules. In his hate and rage, he turns into a terrorizing monster hellbent on destroying any human that ventures too far into his realm.

The Genie out of the lamp

The Genie from Aladdin is over the top fun to watch and while Will Smith did an admirable job in the live-action film, no one compares to Robin Williams, it simply is asking too much. Freeing the Genie leads Aladdin on a wonderful ride as he rises to become a prince but what if the Genie wasn't so fun-loving?

The Genie would make a pretty interesting horror monster that twists and turns the wishes he grants on those that are requesting them. He could use his powers to force the person to do heinous things. Imagine asking for a life of peace and instead you are turned into a killer who sets out to destroy those that have made his life, less peaceful.

Buzz Lightyear: Space Aliens

Throughout Toy Story, we see the little green space aliens hail the claw as it drops down to snatch them but what if their fear of being taken turns them into little evil hellions? The claw becomes their escape and they see children and adults alike are the controllers that take them. Free from the bondage of the glass cases, they take on the community as evil monsters out for revenge against those taken before them.

Peter Pan: The Shadow on the Wall

For whatever reason, Wendy finding a strange boy in her bedroom chasing his shadow didn't frighten her. Instead, she sewed on his shadow and jumped out the window to fly to Neverland with him. What if Peter Pan was nothing more than a child kidnapper? I mean, how many "Lost Boys" are there? Pan can traverse the realm of reality and Neverland with no one ever being able to figure it out. Missing children, a detective trying to break the case, sounds pretty interesting if you think about it.

Tinker Bell: Out of Pan's Shadow

I'm going to stick with the Peter Pan thing here for a moment because finding a female Disney character that could become something evil isn't easy considering any one of the princesses could become an evil queen. Tinker Bell, however, already has some deep-rooted issues. She is said to be too concerned about her appearance, insanely jealous of Peter Pan and Wendy, and let's face it, she is kind of diabolical when she needs to be.

Disney already sees something in her given they have pulled her from guest meet and greets at Magic Kingdom. Tink is one of my favorite Disney characters, some of that is because she was my mother's favorite. My mom also love horror films. So in her memory, Tink came to mind.

There is so much room to grow this dark side. Poisoned pixie dust, mind manipulation, and so on. Truth is, there is something to be said about a raging Pixie out for revenge. Give me a scorned Margot Robbie and let's do this one!