5 great places at Disney World parks that you can get remote work done

EPCOT - Japan Pavilion. Photo by Brian Miller
EPCOT - Japan Pavilion. Photo by Brian Miller /

There is nothing worse or better than heading to a Disney World park but having to spend time working, studying, or jumping on a conference call.

Over the years I have done quite a bit of work while visiting a Disney World park. My son has done college classes from EPCOT, and my wife has done a full conference call from Magic Kingdom. It may sound like a waste of a day but in reality, being able to jump to a park and get work done can be quite enjoyable.

For most guests, the thought doesn't sound that great, but the alternative is to sit in your hotel room and hope the kids will keep quiet, or maybe you opt to do it by the resort swimming pool. Now, that can be distracting.

Here is a look at five places where you can get work done while spending the day at a Disney World theme park.


Others may have differing opinions on where to go but there are two great spots at EPCOT. The first is covered in overhanging trees that will block the sun.

Japan Pavilion: When you arrive at the Japan Pavilion in World Showcase, make your way to the top of the waterfalls on the left side. At the top you will find statues of ancient Japanese warriors. To the left of those statues are a few tables and they remain pretty quite throughout the day. My son did an entire day of online college classes from here and loved it!

U.K. Pavilion: Take a stroll down the brick streets to the back of the pavilion, where the concert stage is. When there is no concert on the schedule, the area is typically empty. There are plenty of tables and chairs, and you are a quick walk from the Rose and Crown, or you can grab some fish and chips for a work lunch. Just keep an eye on the concert schedule as it will get loud.

Magic Kingdom

There are no ideal locations at M.K. to get work done. Almost everywhere, there is foot traffic, and finding a table can be difficult regardless of whether it is shaded or not. Some like Liberty Square but it is far too noisy to get work done. The best option is in Tomorrowland.

Tommorrowland Terrace is a rarely used seating area that looks out over the bridge to Tommorrowland. You get a nice view of the castle and a lot less guest traffic around you.

Hollywood Studios

The options at H.S. are not great. The traffic at the park isn't the problem; there isn't space to stretch out and relax while trying to get work done. One option is in the PizzeRizzo's Restaurant near the Muppet 3D experience. The restaurant isn't overly busy most of the day, and while it can get congested at times, you can usually find seating somewhere else.

If you don't mind keeping your laptop on your lap, head over to Animation Courtyard and walk through the Start Wars experience. Inside, it is quiet, and you can find places to sit. There isn't much more than casual foot traffic here. There is also a small courtyard before you go inside that can be quiet as well. Be sure to avoid Galaxy's Edge and ToyStoryLand.

Animal Kingdom

One of the best options is on the Jungle trek in Asia. You will need to wind around through the walkthrough but there are benches scattered throughout the trek. After you pass the Tiger enclosure, there are a couple more benches, and the traffic tends to be quicker through that area, but it is quieter as guests move on to the next exhibit.

Rafiki's Planet Watch is another hidding spot. Families take their kids out to the petting zoo but inside there is a restaurant that can be quiet and out of the way. Plenty of seating that can provide some solitude. Perhaps the best place, however, might be on the pathway from Pandora to Africa down the back path. At the end, before you get to Africa, there are tables before you see The Lion King entrance. Most of the traffic is non-intrusive.

Ranking the parks

If you need to get work done, EPCOT has the best options for you to do so with Magic Kingdom providing a great spot. Animal Kingdom would be my third choice followed by Hollywood Studios.