5 must-dos at Disneyland with children: Tomorrowland

Disneyland Resort Welcomes Guests Back
Disneyland Resort Welcomes Guests Back / Handout/GettyImages

Taking younger children to Disneyland can be an adventure on its own. I knew that my wife and I would have a great time at the park regardless of circumstance. We have learned to just go with the flow and enjoy what ever comes our way at Disneyland. My two boys aged 4 and 6, that’s a different story. How will they deal with all the walking, the heat, the lines, waiting for food? I had the same questions about taking my two boys, and I researched for months about how to make a trip to Disneyland memorable for them. After visiting, I whittled my recommendations down to five for each land at the park.

It should be noted that all of my recommendations are based on staying at a hotel within walking distance of the park, using Genie +, and having the mindset of a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Disneyland. If you are a regular Disneyland visitor, your suggestions would most likely differ from mine. I also realize that each family dynamic is different. Take this advice and adjust it to help your family have a magical time because that is what matters in the end.

With that said, let’s take a look at Tomorrowland.

1. Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

The Finding Nemo overlay to this older Disneyland attraction is well done. I didn’t watch too much about the ride before visiting it, except to make sure that I would not be claustrophobic while being in the submarine. I didn’t have any issues with the ride from that regard, and my family enjoyed being taken under the water and see the world from beneath the surface.

2. Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

The point of this attraction is simple – shoot the targets throughout the ride for the highest score. I enjoyed this version of Buzz Lightyear Asro Blasters because of the bursts of light on the target each time the center of a target is hit. One piece of advice is not to forget that the car you are in actually has a joystick to move it around. The first time I went on the ride, I forgot this and couldn’t figure out how to even contort my body to hit the target. Once I realized I could move the car itself, it made a lot more sense. Plus, the kids enjoyed this additional movement while trying to defeat Zurg.

3. Astro Orbitor

Dumbo the Flying Elephant is a classic Disneyland ride that children love. They are able to move the elephant up and down and go around in circles, seeing the rest of Fantasyland. This design is a hit for children and because of that, it’s not a surprise that Disney employs this design throughout all of their parks. Astro Orbitor is essentially the Dumbo ride with a spaceship instead of an elephant. Adults would probably just want to skip over this ride, but children love it! It can have a long wait at times, so pay attention to the line and jump in when it’s shorter. You can get a great view of Tomorrowland and even the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

4. Build a Lightsaber

Now, before I start, this is not the same lightsaber building that a visitor would encounter at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. I always wanted to get my children one of those lightsabers from Galaxy’s Edge, but I’ve hesitated because of the cost and the fact that they are younger and would probably break it. Instead, I found that the lightsaber building station in one of the shops in Tomorrowland was a much better fit for my kids. They got to pick a few plastic pieces to put onto the hilt of the lightsaber and choose the color for it as well. It even had a button with the sounds of lightsaber dueling. The cost was much more manageable, and my kids are still enjoying the souvenir.

5. Pizza Planet

The exterior of the building intrigued me, bringing me back to the nostalgia of watching Toy Story for the first time. The main entree is just your normal piece of pizza. The pasta is pretty good, too. My children loved this place. It felt like a meal that we would eat at home, and they devoured it. One thing I wish they had was a claw machine to get an alien or something to help connect it to the Toy Story movie series. Wouldn’t that be good?