50th Anniversary Gold statues will remain across Disney World parks permanently

The 50th Anniversary party at Disney World has been over for a while now and the 100th Anniversary has taken over but their still remained a question about one part of the 50th that was left standing. The Gold character statues.

50th anniversary statues will be staying around the four Disney World parks. Photo credit: Brian
50th anniversary statues will be staying around the four Disney World parks. Photo credit: Brian /

During the 50th Anniversary celebration around the Disney parks, 50 gold Disney character statues where brought out and spread through the four parks at Disney World. Now, Disney has announced they will be staying.

Questions for months have been circulating about the future of the statues now that the party is over Disney Parks announced on "X" that they will remain.

What we have to imagine is that the "Imagineers" will be removing the 50th Anniversary logo that sits at the base of each statue. The interactive statues allow guests to "activate" them by getting close to each one with their Magic Bands. Wave your hand over the 50th logo and the statues will come to life...well, they will talk.

The fun goes beyond just interaction. Finding them all is part of the journey. Each park has their own number but at Magic Kingdom, there are naturally more.

Magic Kindgom - 19 statues

  • Abu - Cheshire Cat - Chip and Dale - Mickey Mouse - Minnie Mouse - Orange Bird - Pinnochio - Pluto - Pooh and Piglet - Stitch - Tinker Bell - Mad Hatter - Lumier and Cogsworth - Dumbo and Timothy - Donald Duck - Daisy Duck - Gus and Jaq - Goofy - Lady and the Tramp

EPCOT - 6 statues

  • Figment - Dante - Miguel - Rocket and Baby Groot - Pua and Hei-Hei - Olaf and Bruni

Hollywood Studios - 7 statues

  • Joe Gardner - Enda Mode - Woody and Bo Peep - Sebastian and Flounder - BB-8 - Frozone - R2-D2

Animal Kingdom - 4 statues

  • Timba and Pumba - Simba - Nemo and Dory - Bambi and Thumper

What magic will the statues bring in the future? Each has been designed to allow Imagineers the ability to update the "coming to life" theatrics. With sayings or music, Imagineers can update them for the time of year or in the future with new sayings and music.

Now that we know they will not be leaving the next question is will they be removed and relocated or will new ones be added throughout the parks over the coming years to bring other classics to "life"?

I do find it odd that Nemo and Dory are in Animal Kingdom and not outside the Nemo ride at EPCOT for example. Maybe that gets moved in the future.

For now, on your next visit to the parks, see if you can find them all!