A 2nd ride of Tron: Light Cycle Ran doesn't change the length but the enjoyment was much better

The new rollercoaster at Magic Kingdom is Tron: Light Cycle Run and by now you have heard it is not a very long ride. But is it better on a second, well, run?
Tron: Light Cycle Run's best part
Tron: Light Cycle Run's best part /

Tron Light Cycle Run is an interesting new ride at Magic Kingdom and while it didn't live up to expectations on the first run through, the 2nd was much more exciting even for a very short ride.

Tron is a rollercoaster that lasts all of 1 minute and 10 seconds. Thats from the time the ride starts moving to the time you start getting off of the light cycle.

When I first rode it, I wasn't impressed. This last visit, however, I said I wasn't going to waste my time with it but my 11 year old was with me and wanted to ride it again. So, at the crack of dawn, I'm playing fast fingers for a boarding pass.

I got us in boarding group 31 which made us rope-drop Magic Kingdom. Something I didn't want to do but was ultimately glad I did.

Maybe this time around was going to be different. And it was. First, there was no line outside and we weaved in and out of the interior structure and found ourselves stopping just behind the final stairs to the ride boarding area. A wait of oh, less than five minutes.

Tron Light Cycle Run
No wait for Tron was surprising /

We entered through the main entry bypassing the typical line that would easily put the wait at around an hour, or more. I felt sorry for the fast-pass and Genie+ riders who entered at this time. We rode as quickly as they did.

Tron Light Cycle Run
The inside waiting area of Tron at Magic Kingdom...empty /
Tron Light Cycle Run - Magic Kingdom
Staging area pre-boarding Tron /

As you can see from the above images, there was literally no wait. That may have played a big part in my opinion on this second go-around.

There wasn't as much excitement to ride and we both knew that it would be over with before we really got into it but I was surprised by how once the cycle started to move my adrenaline still began to rise.

My favorite part of the ride is the takeoff and everyone who rides it, and by that I mean everyone, loves the first 10 seconds of Tron. Then it turns into a much shorter version of Rockin Rollercoaster.

This time around, I was absolutely surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Yes the first part was phenomenal and made the rollercoaster one of the best rides in all of Disney World but, like before, it dropped considerably once the cycle went inside.

While I didn't truly care for Tron my first go-around, I enjoyed significantly more the second time when my expectations were nothing more than pacifying an 11-year old who had already ridden it. In the end, I walked off thinking, "yeah, I would ride it again" whereas after my first trip around the 1:10 time loop, I didn't think it was really all that necessary to give it another go.