A glimpse behind the scenes of Walt Disney World's Fantasmic!

It's been around for over 25 years, but there's so much magic you might not know about Fantasmic!
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It's the end of a long Hollywood Studios day. You're sweaty, tired, hungry, and mad at your family because you didn't ride Star Tours. You hear the classic Disney Channel playlist booming through the speakers as you pass your favorite characters headed toward the Fantasmic stage. Everything starts looking up.

Have you ever wondered what it's like to go behind the scenes and see the costumes, the secrets, the history behind this magnificent production?

Thanks to Disney Programs, I had the opportunity to see what goes on to make Fantasmic the best show on the property. I'm going to take you through the day and share some tidbits you might not have known!

If you're hoping for top-notch secrets, you won't be finding them here. There's a lot of information we cannot share to help keep the magic alive. However I hope some of the facts I provide, help you understand and appreciate just how much goes into this show.

The tour began around 11 in the morning with an introduction from four cast members. Two were actors in the show, while the other two were behind the scenes as techies. We split into two groups, so we could all enjoy the tour and ask as many questions as possible.

We began by going to the costuming, and cosmetology rooms. There are certain pieces of clothing and wardrobe you'll only see at Fantasmic! Due to the show having lots of pyrotechnics, most of the costumes are sprayed with fire retardant as a safety feature. All the cast members who help with hair and makeup are certified and went to school. They're the best at what they do!

After viewing the above rooms, we headed over to where they fixed pretty much everything. If something were to break or if a light fixture were to fail, Disney could correct it on the spot.

After a quick stop to use the restroom and fill up our water bottles, we ventured out to the island. The Fantasmic stage is in the middle of two moats. A small one right around the mountain and a larger one surrounding the outside where the boats go around.

"Fun"tasmic Facts:

Back in the day, Disney had hoped to add another boat to the show. They wanted to add a submarine for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The idea was scrapped, but there is space for the steamboat and another boat around the island if Disney ever decides to include one more.

If you ever saw the show, you'd know Pocahontas makes an appearance. She's in the show because one of the show's producers' daughters loved Pocahontas, so they added her in. Her part in the show has certainly changed over the years, but we're always excited she's still there!

Hidden Mickey

If you're a Disney Adult, you're always on the lookout for hidden Mickey's. Some throughout the parks are easy to spot, while others are right under your nose... or in this case right in front of your nose.

During the pre-show, there are lights moving all around. There's a good chance you've experienced a bit of blindness due to being military-grade. But if you get a chance to keep your eyes open, pay attention to the end of the light show just before the main track comes on.

All the lights will come together on the mountain to create a hidden Mickey! Be sure to keep your eyes open before the fun begins!

A huge thank you to the Disney Programs team and the Fantasmic cast members for welcoming us into their homes. It was a pleasure and honor to experience this tour.

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