A little known secret to late night eating after leaving a Disney World park

The end of the night is always the longest and when you get back to your Disney World resort you are probably hungry. Don't cook or reheat, stop at this spot and grab a pizza.
Gas Prices Drop Below $2 Per Gallon
Gas Prices Drop Below $2 Per Gallon / Tim Boyle/GettyImages

You may not know this but there is a way to get food after the parks close without having to spend a fortune at the on-property Disney World McDonalds.

There are few Speedway gas stations on Disney property. One is near Hollywood Studios, one is by Disney Springs, but the best one is beyond the Magic Kingdom ticket gate. This is the one you want to visit.

This particular Speedway, unlike the others, actually has counter food service. You can buy sandwiches and even pizza. Their pizza may not rival a pizzaria but it does rival the pizza at the Muppets pavilion in Hollywood Studios. And at 9:30 in the evening when you are leaving a park, it is fantastic.

What is even better is that the pizza is that you can get two large pepperoni pizzas for $10.00. It's a very good deal for a hungry family who don't want to get back to their hotel and cook.

Here is the best part, you don't have to pay for parking or visit Magic Kingdom...or any Disney World park.

When you pull up to the Magic Kingdom parking gate, simply tell the cast member that you are going to the gas station. Follow the road away from the transportation station parking lot and turn to the left and you will see it.

The food court has a few tables and chairs should you want to sit down and wait or even eat. It is rarely busy but it should be noted that while they close at 9:30 (the food service not the gas station) they have been known to keep cooking of their are guests waiting or come in late.

Of course, you don't have to wait until the parks close. You can go there anytime during the day prior to closing and grab some food for later, or to take into the parks with you as we talked about here.