A Magic Kingdom guest favorite could be on its way back to this Disney park, hopefully

There are a lot of things that over the last couple of years have disappeared from Disney World parks. Some will never return, some might, and who knows about the rest. One guest favorite might be.
Could a popular feature return to the Libert Tree Tavern? It just might. Photo Credit: Brian Miller
Could a popular feature return to the Libert Tree Tavern? It just might. Photo Credit: Brian Miller /

Over the years, more and more guest freebies have been taken away and some have hurt more than others at Disney Parks. Some may never come back but one in particular just might and while it is simple and often overlooked, it was still one of those things that if you knew about it, you tended to swing into the Liberty Tree Tavern to get it.

We are talking water folks. Ice cold water. Nothing more. But it made a difference.

Prior to COVID, you could walk by the Tavern and head inside where a big welcoming container of self-serve ice water was waiting. You could grab a paper cup from the dispenser, drink down a few cups and head back outside in the heat.

The water was always welcome and a big reprieve from the heat outside, especially in the summer months.

I remember for years this was a popular destination for guests in the know. Yes, you could get ice water behind a counter service restaurant but this was better and gave the impression of being special.

Then COVID hit and like these other free offers, it went away.

  • Food and Wine Festival AP Holder gifts have been gone since COVID and there is nothing that indicates they could return. It used to be a fun little bonus and a reason to attend the Food and Wine Festival, especially for out-of-towners but now, the extra bonus gift is gone...like the AP discount at the kiosks.
  • Self serve condiments at MK and EPCOT restaurants, pickles, lettuce, tomato, etc. onions

On my recent trip to Magic Kingdom I walked up and talked to one of the Liberty Tree Tavern hosts outside. I asked about the water dispenser and he said that he remembered it being there and that guests would walk by all day and get it. He then said the castmembers have heard rumors that it might, 'might' return in the near future.

Naturally I had to ask when and he said they had no idea just that it had been brought up with no timetable. He said that guests still ask about it and they relay it to the powers that be.

While it wouldn't be a big thing should it return, it was still a fun little detour from the heat, if nothing more. Just a little attention to a small detail that many noticed was gone.

Now, if they would dump the family style dinner and bring back the menu offerings they used to have like that incredibly delightful salad, everything at LTT would be back in place the way it should be. What makes the LTT family dinner so unextraordinary is that the same meal can be had in Frontierland at another restaurant.