A magical highwaywoman takes flight in the new Disney+ series Renegade Nell

The upcoming Disney+ show Renegade Nell puts a fantasy spin on a wild historical adventure! See a trailer here!
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Disney+ is about to release the new original series, Renegade Nell. Check out this wild mix of adventure, comedy and even a little magic coming to the streamer!

Created by Sally Wainwright, whose credits include Happy Valley and Gentlemen Jack, Renegade Nell is set in 18th-century England. Young Nell Jackson finds herself accused of murder by some corrupt nobles. On the run, Nell accidentally falls into a life as a robber and soon becomes the most notorious highwaywoman around. 

So far, it sounds normal, right? Except that now and then, somehow, Nell suddenly starts exhibiting bouts of superstrength, dodging bullets and impervious to pain. It turns out a fairy named Billy Blind has been empowering Nell as he’s been told she has some sort of destiny before her. 

Now, with this strange spirit guiding her and trying to clear her name, Nell is on a journey to discover just what fate has in store for her. 

The trailer looks lovely, packed with humor and action and interesting how it looks like just a unique period piece before unveiling its magical ingredients. This strange mix of genres should make it a real stand out. 

"Nell Jackson finds herself framed for murder and becomes a female highwayman in 18th-century England, becoming the most feared highwaywoman in the country. But when a magical spirit called Billy Blind appears, Nell realises her destiny is bigger than she ever imagined."

Who stars in Renegade Nell?

The title role is played by Louisa Harland, best known for her turn in the hit Irish comedy Derry Girls. Joely Richardson plays a newspaper magnate who may be the key villain of the show with a good supporting cast, including Nick Mohammaed as Billy Blind. They should come together to make the show a success. 

  • Louisa Harland as Nell Jackson
  • Joely Richardson as Lady Eularia Moggerhanger
  • Adrian Lester as Earl of Poynton
  • Nick Mohammed as Billy Blind
  • Craig Parkinson as Sam Jackson
  • Florence Keen as George Jackson
  • Frank Dillane as Charles Devereux
  • Alice Kremelberg as Sofia Wilmot
  • Jake Dunn as Thomas Jackson
  • Pip Torrens as Lord Blancheford
  • Bo Bragason as Roxy Jackson
  • Enyi Okoronkwo as Rasselas

With this cast, the great setting and the intriguing mix of historical adventure and high fantasy, Renegade Nell may be a surprise success when it hits Disney+ on March 29. 

Renegade Nell debuts on Disney+ Friday March 29.