A simple and fun game to play at any of the Disney World parks that costs nothing

Sometimes walking through a Disney park can be fun and at times boring but there is a fun game our family plays that could be fun for you.
Renovations are transforming this area of EPCOT. Photo credit: Brian Miller
Renovations are transforming this area of EPCOT. Photo credit: Brian Miller /

Finding new ways to enjoy all that Disney World or Disneyland has to offer is a goal for each and every visitor to the parks but sometimes, you can find enjoyment with just your family.

For our family, our favorite game started a few years ago when my wife and I were visiting Magic Kingdom. I took off to ride an attraction and she took off to visit a gift shop. When I got off Space Mountain I texted her. "Where you at?" I said she texted me back a picture.

Over the years, this has become a fun little exercise for my whole family. Now, my 20-year-old son will take off on a 10 minute head start and when he is ready will text us a random picture from somewhere inside the park. Off we go in search of his location.

Now that my younger kids are older, they too are starting to take their turns. It's like the hide-and-seek that some people do. Over at AllEars.net, a group of their writers played Hide and Seek at M.K. and that reminded me of this much simpler game that we play.

My five-year-old has actually become pretty good at recognizing the images and figuring out a general location where one of our kids might be sitting. Even my wife who doesn't typically get involved in our antics has had fun over the years trying to figure it out.

What's great about this is it doesn't take away from our plans for the day. If we are walking around World Showcase at EPCOT or walking from one side of Magic Kingdom to another, one of the kids goes ahead and picks out an obscure location for us to find. It breaks up the day and the time while also giving us a chance to see more of the park areas we may not pay attention to.