All 62 Disney100 Happy Meal toys coming to McDonald's

Disney 100 sign at Magic Kingdom. Photo credit: Brian Miller
Disney 100 sign at Magic Kingdom. Photo credit: Brian Miller /

McDonald's and Disney are once again teaming up, this time in celebration of Disney100. The latest collaboration will see characters from Disney's rich 100-year history included as toys in every Happy Meal. While not officially announced yet, images of the Disney100 Happy Meal packaging and all the different toys have leaked online.

There are a total of 62 different Happy Meal toys, which means you'll be eating a lot of McDonald's if you hope to collect them all. Each Happy Meal will include two surprise characters but it's all random so there's no telling who you may get with each order.

Below are all 62 toys you have a chance of getting when ordering a Happy Meal:

  1. Alice
  2. Ant Man
  3. Ariel
  4. Asha
  5. Belle
  6. Black Panther
  7. Buzz Lightyear
  8. C-3PO
  9. Captain America (Sam Wilson)
  10. Captain Marvel
  11. Chewbacca
  12. Daisy Duck
  13. Darth Vader
  14. Donald Duck
  15. Dory
  16. Dumbo
  17. Edna Mode
  18. Elsa
  19. Gamora
  20. Genie
  21. Goofy
  22. Grogu
  23. Groot
  24. Iron Man
  25. Joe Gardner
  26. Joy
  27. King Magnifico
  28. Lightning McQueen
  29. Loki
  30. Maleficent
  31. Merida
  32. Mickey Mouse
  33. Miguel
  34. Mike Wazowski
  35. Minnie Mouse
  36. Mirabel
  37. Moana
  38. Mrs. Incredible
  39. Ms. Marvel
  40. Mulan
  41. Nemo
  42. Olaf
  43. Panda Mei
  44. Peter Pan
  45. Pluto
  46. Pocahontas
  47. Pongo
  48. R2-D2
  49. Raya
  50. Rey
  51. Shang-Chi
  52. Simba
  53. Snow White
  54. Star
  55. Stitch
  56. Sulley
  57. The Mandalorian
  58. The Wasp
  59. Tiana
  60. Tinkerbell
  61. Valentino
  62. Woody

As you can see, McDonald's is drawing from all corners of Disney movies, including Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar and Walt Disney Animation. From the Fab Five to Disney's more recent popular characters, like Elsa, Moana and Mirabel, there's quite a collection here.

Also included in the line of toys are characters from Walt Disney Animation's upcoming film, Wish. Although not set to arrive in theaters until November, you'll be able to collect Asha, Star and King Magnifico toys.

Collecting all 62 toys certainly won't be easy, so I imagine they'll be sold separately through secondhand markets online. Otherwise, get ready to eat lots of Happy Meals.