Amusement parks that are not at Disney World that would be cheaper options than 4 days at Disney

If your are planning a Disney World vacation, naturally, you want to take in everything you possibly can as it relates to the land of the mouse. It can be expensive to go four, five, or six days out of seven. There are other options.

A dolphin at SeaWorld Orlando poses for a picture. Photo by Brian Miller
A dolphin at SeaWorld Orlando poses for a picture. Photo by Brian Miller /
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So you have a big week planned for you family! Seven days in Orlando and you are so going to Disney World. Maybe you are also planning to spend a little dough at Universal Studios just up the road. Maybe, you realize that your dream trip to Disney is a little too expensive for a five day visit.

There are other options in Orlando and nearby Tampa Bay that don't cost as much as a trip to Disney World.

SeaWorld Orlando

Ticket prices will vary throughout the season but most of the time, you can find deals every single day on their website, in fact, the deals run so often that if you decide at the last minute to go, you can still likely find them online the night before.

Currently, one such deal has tickets as low as $66.00 for the day and I have seen them as low as $45.00. A two day, multi-park ticket which will also include a day at either Aquatica (SeaWorlds water park), Busch Gardens (in Tampa) or finally, Adventure Island (in Tampa) currently is on sale for $99.00.

A Fun Card will get you coming back all year long. Around Christmas you can get this card for around $70.00. An annual pass could be as low as $99.00.

So why SeaWorld? For starters, the captive orcas has been a hot-button issue and when the current whales pass, there will be no more. SeaWorld ended their breeding program a few years ago and are no longer capturing whales. Over the next decade, the number of whales will dwindle until there are no more for many kids to see.

At SeaWorld which promotes the recovery efforts and rehabilitation of marine wild life, there are rollercoasters, exhibits, and did I say rollercoasters? Some of the best in all of Florida if we are being honest.

There are food festivals, beer festivals, sit-down shows, and so much more and everything is right there next to Disney about 20 minutes I40. Honestly, we enjoy the park so much that we got annual passes to spend our weekends at SeaWorld when our annual passes at Disney are blocked out.