Amusement parks that are not at Disney World that would be cheaper options than 4 days at Disney

If your are planning a Disney World vacation, naturally, you want to take in everything you possibly can as it relates to the land of the mouse. It can be expensive to go four, five, or six days out of seven. There are other options.
A dolphin at SeaWorld Orlando poses for a picture. Photo by Brian Miller
A dolphin at SeaWorld Orlando poses for a picture. Photo by Brian Miller /
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Is Aquatica worth the money considering Disney World has its own water parks? Depends on what you are looking for.

Tickets to the park are often no more than $50.00 when you take advantage of deals throughout the year. That is a price that Disney can't beat. I will say the parks offer a vastly different approach to guest services.

If you are looking to be treated as a king or a queen, Disney will do just that. If you don't care and just want to have cheaper fun, SeaWorld's Aquatica is a perfect break from your week that won't break your back account and is inviting enough for return visits.

There is plenty of food to be had and treat kiosks around a water park that has big thrill slides and a well-designed kids area for even the littlest ones.

Aquatica is located next door to SeaWorld and it is not easy to miss. For a little more expensive yet all-inclusive and more of a once in a lifetime type experience, check out SeaWorlds Discovery Cove where you will snorkel with tropical fish, sting rays, can add on a live dolphins experience and explore habitats along a slow moving lazy river with deep trenches and shallow ledges.

In addition, Discovery Cover boasts the only park that is all-inclusive from alcoholic beverages to fresh baked chocolate chip cookies! They also provide a full breakfast and lunch at no cost and it is eat until you are satisfied. Tickets can range between $150.00 to almost $300 depending on the time of year and add-ons.