An opinion many won't like but Muppet Vision 3D is a waste of time and space at Hollywood Studios

It is nestled between Galaxy's Edge and Star Tours. Hollywood Studios attempt to bring the Muppets to Disney Parks. It really should be torn down and forever removed.
Muppet Vision 3D located at Hollywood Studios
Muppet Vision 3D located at Hollywood Studios /

You would think that The Muppets would be a great draw for Hollywood Studios visitors. Instead, it seems more like an opportunity to avoid the heat outside. Is it time for this attraction to just go away?

Recently, I had a rare opportunity to spend two days with my four year-old son at Disney parks in Orlando. It was a great time because normally, the little guy is waiting for his older siblings to ride attractions that he can't.

While he has gotten taller and can now ride most of the Disney World rides, this time around we thought it would be great to spend some time doing "kids" stuff. So, naturally, Muppets Vision 3D would be great...right?

It's time for this ride to go away and it isn't just my opinion, but one that is shared by my 4-year old as well.

We entered through the front doors and made our way into the staging area. I should have known this was my first mistake. A not-so-entertaining pre-show was displayed on several monitors around the room but all we heard was a cast member telling guests to "fill in all available space in front of you". So getting bumped and knocked around by strangers is always fun.

Hollywood Studios Muppets 3D
Miss Piggy as the Statue of Liberty stands outside the Muppet 3D entrance. /

It was hot outside and while the room was a reprieve from the sunshine, the reality is it wasn't enough to quell the sticky feeling and at times smell from other guests crammed in like sardines.

This isn't necessarily Disney's fault if we are being honest. Personal hygiene is someone elses responsibility.

Once the interior doors opened, you took a seat in a big theater and put on your 3D glasses and soon after the show began. A 10 minute presentation by Kermit and friends on an all-new 3D Muppet Vision technology.

So we know this is an old show so the "technology" is outdated but so is the schtick. It's just bad. Because it is the Muppets, chaos ensues and nothing goes right. We are jumped from scene to scene and every now and then something pops out to make a few kids jump or grab for something that is not really in front of them.

I don't want to give away anything to those that have not experienced it but when it was over, I was more than ready to get back out in the heat. I looked at my son and asked him if that was fun. He held up one finger and shook it while saying, "that...was...BORING."

Later in the day, after being joined by my wife and other kids, we were making our way to Galaxy's Edge when we passed the attraction, he pointed at it and told his brother and sister they should go watch it that it was "GREAT". He started giggling and said, "I'm just joking, it's so boring."

It is, boring, if we are being honest and while some little kids will love it, and some adults will find it cute, the reality is this is an attraction that is a waste of prime space at a park that could do much more with that area.

We argued before that Muppet Vision 3D should be over in the Animation area where the Disney, Jr. characters are and after experiencing it again after years of skipping it, I'm convinced that it would be better off just being removed entirely.

Is there anything about the attraction that was worth the time? Yeah, the two old men sitting in the balcony making fun of the entire thing is spot on and accurate. They literally make a joke out of what you are thinking that isn't a joke. Maybe that is the entire point of the attraction.