Andor season 2 gets pushed back to 2025 by Disney

It looks like season 2 of Andor will be pushed back into the 2025 lineup on Disney+.
Star Wars Celebration 2023 Studio Panel
Star Wars Celebration 2023 Studio Panel / Kate Green/GettyImages

If you haven't seen Andor on Disney+ yet, don't feel like you need to rush over and get all the episodes in before season 2 starts. It appears to be headed to a 2025 release.

According to a new report and some speculation, the hit Disney+ series could be pushed back to 2025. In a recent press release by the network regarding the 2024 schedule of shows, Andor didn't appear on the list.

The 2nd season was shuttered when the writers and actors strikes brought everything to a halt. Now, with both over, nothing is certain in terms of when shows will get back to production or when they will hit the theaters or in this case, television streaming.

The report comes from Gizmodo who cites a source with knowledge of the situation but they were quick to say that isn't guaranteed either. At best, fans could see a late 2024 premier but 2025 now seems more realistic.

The series has been heralded as one of the best Star Wars spinoffs to the small screen and tracks Cassian Andor in the lead-up to the big-screen's Rogue One, considered to be one the best entries into the Star Wars film universe.

Currently, Andor season 1 is available to watch at your leisure on Disney+ but again, there is no need to run off and watch it now with over a year to wait for season 2. Next year will, however, bring two new series to the small screen with Skeleton Crew and The Acolyte.

Both are live action series but the Diego Luna fans will still have to wait.