Another long-running Disney Channel show is ending but birthing a spinoff!

It's good news/bad news for fans of Raven's Home as the long-running Disney Channel comedy is coming to an end but will get a spinoff!
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Another long-running Disney Channel sitcom is coming to an end, with Raven’s Home concluding after six seasons. However, plans are already underway for a big spinoff!

The 2000s were the time when Disney Channel premiered scores of original comedies, most in the classic studio audience setting. Among them was That’s So Raven, starring Raven-Symone as Raven Baxter, a teen who kept getting visions of the future. That led to misadventures in a show that ran four seasons and 100 episodes.

In 2017, Raven’s Home joined the list of TV shows that served as sequels to past fare. Raven was now living in Chicago with best friend Chelsea (returning cast member Anneliese van der Pol) and raising her twins Booker (Issac Ryan Brown) and Nia (Navia Robinson). Booker had inherited his mother’s visions and so some comedy with some surprisingly serious plotlines that tackled everything from the pandemic to protests. 

Season 5 brought a big shift for the show with only Raven and Brown as main regulars. The show had Raven returning to San Francisco after her father, Victor (Rondell Sheridan), had a heart attack. Raven decides to stay in the city to help her dad, and Booker joins her to meet some new friends. Alice (Mykal-Michelle Harris), Raven’s young genius cousin, was also introduced.

The show wrapped up its sixth season in 2023, and now Disney has confirmed that it ended with 122 episodes. This isn’t too big a shock, as six seasons is a long run for a Disney Channel show. However, it appears that the story will continue in a spinoff.

What is the Raven’s Home spinoff about?

As part of a new deal with Disney, Raven-Symone will executive produce Alice in the Palace, a new spinoff centering around Harris’ Alice. It continues a plot line from the Season 6 premiere, where Alice met Duchess Clementine (also played by Harris), a royal who looks just like her. 

The new series has Alice returning to London, where she and Clementine use their identical looks to see how the other half lives. Raven-Symone herself talked to Deadline about how much it means to stay with Disney. 

"Disney Channel has been the canvas for my creative expressions since I was 15 years old. After years of telling stories filled with heart, laughter, and togetherness, I’m excited to embark on the next chapter of this creative journey alongside my Disney family. "

It makes sense for Disney to go the spinoff route to continue the show and give Harris a push. The series will be a classic sitcom feel with the old "split screen" effect for Harris' dual roles, making it not too expensive for the network to produce.

The new spinoff is expected to premiere in 2025 and should be a fun continuation of the Raven franchise to continue Disney Channel’s run of fun comedies.

Raven’s Home Seasons 1-6 streaming on Disney+.