Aquaman director to produce live-action Gargoyles DIsney+ series

At last, Disney is reviving the beloved 1990s show Gargoyles with Aquaman director James Wan behind it!
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Get ready for the return of one of Disney's most loved cartoon shows. At last, a live-action Gargoyles series is coming to Disney+ and from a man who knows all about handling horror and fantasy. 

Per the Hollywood Reporter, Gary Dauberman and James Wan, the men behind the smash hit Annabelle movies, have teamed up for a live-action series based on the cult 1990s cartoon show. 

Premiering in 1994, Gargoyles began in the 10th century as the title characters were strange creatures who would turn into stone statues in the daytime and alive at night. After being betrayed, a handful were put under a spell, making them stone until their castle home "rose above the clouds."

A thousand years later, powerful millionaire David Xanatos has the castle transported to his New York skyscraper to revive the clan. They soon discover Xanatos has sinister motives and break free, befriending a New York City cop to protect the city.

The series was much darker than other Disney animated fare for the time, tackling issues like gun violence and a larger mythology. It ended in 1997 after three seasons with some comic book revivals since.

There had been rumors some months ago that Kenneth Branagh was going to direct a movie version, but those turned out to be false. However, it looks like it's happening now, with Dauberman handling the main writing duties and Wan producing.

Wan confirmed it on his Instagram page while promoting the upcoming Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom film. 

"The Gargoyles are out of the bag. Excited to be working with Gary again, on this! He's a true fan."

The project is in early development for Disney, so obviously, there is no word on casting. It's likely to be a mix of live-action and CGI for the Gargoyles. It would be terrific if Keith David could once more voice clan leader Goliath, but at least fans of the show can be hopeful the Gargoyles fly once more. 

Gargoyles Season 1-3 streaming on Disney+.