Five must-ride attractions at Walt Disney World for thrill seekers

Prepare to enter the Grid: Riders approach the inside portion of TRON Lightcycle/Run during a
Prepare to enter the Grid: Riders approach the inside portion of TRON Lightcycle/Run during a / Britt Kennerly / USA TODAY NETWORK
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When people mention Walt Disney World, they don’t usually think of thrilling rides. Sure, there’s been Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain, but their thrills are often tame compared to other theme parks. True coaster buffs hit Six Flags or Universal as WDW has long focused on slower dark rides. But in the last few decades, the company has recognized that thrills are good and added some great ones.

As usual, Disney can’t do a simple attraction, so even these thrill rides have some unique themes for a better experience. The best ones utilize indoor settings, which enhance the thrills and add to the excitement. For anyone going to WDW, these are five must-see thrill rides to prove Disney can provide a wild theme park experience like no other. 

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Taking the place of the old Universe Of Energy ride, this new attraction based on the comic book movie heroes has guests taking a journey into space. The fun is how it plays like a classic slow dark ride at first, as fans are warned of a major threat and have to aid the Guardians in stopping it. 

Here’s where it gets fun as the trains suddenly go at high speeds in an indoor setting, with the only light being screens showing space scenes. The speed isn’t as high as it seems, but the power is how the cars turn and spin as it goes to add to the thrills as well as how it can go backward. The live-action footage adds to it as the ride is out of this world. It’s already a hot attraction for fans and a great showcase for how well Disney can work MCU stuff into some terrific attractions. 

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Almost 30 years after it opened, the original Tower of Terror is still the best. The setting itself is genius as guests wander through this recreation of an abandoned Hollywood hotel with a sinister vibe. Rod Serling himself introduces the setup for the ride as guests board a haunted elevator to a trip through the Twilight Zone. 

The fun is that no two rides are the same. Rather than just taking guests up and dropping them, the elevator has random jumps up and down, and guests are barely able to catch their breath before they’re screaming again with another plummet. It adds to the great appeal as the Tower keeps providing more than enough terror for guests of all ages.