10 best Disney Channel movies based on beloved Disney Channel shows

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Since the mid-1990s, The Disney Channel has been providing some of the biggest tween sitcoms around. Several have turned into hits like Lizzie McGuire and Hannah Montana, while others have succeeded nicely for years and launched several future big-name stars. It's also led to an intriguing turn in that several of these shows get their own Disney Channel original films

In some cases, it's meant as a big series finale, giving a show a chance to go out on bigger terms than before. Other times, it airs while the series is still going on but can actually bridge a good gap between seasons. Some are forgettable, while others can be great flicks even if you're not a fan of the show itself. Here are how ten Disney Channel films based on Disney Channel shows rank and fun to see which ones made use of a longer format. 

10. The Suite Life Movie

After two sitcoms, Cole and Dylan Sprouse had a movie to bid farewell to their mischievous twin characters. It kicks off with Cody outraged that Zack gets him kicked out of a prestigious science academy. Despite Cody disowning his brother, they come together to work for a scientist whose experiment causes the twins to understand each other better.

Then things get crazy with the scientist forming an army of clones while London eats a fruit that allows her to understand what dolphins are saying. It's a wild turn as the brothers overcome their problems to join together. While it may not be the sendoff Suite Life fans were expecting, it did show the twins making double the trouble. 

9. Kim Possible 2019

A live-action version of the long-running animated series was a challenge, but this film pulls it off as best it can. Sadie Stanley steps into the role of the high school spy with a good cast bringing characters like Ron, Drakken and Shego to life as Kim faces a girl who can steal her thunder.

It really does feel like an episode of the series with a few modern-day updates. It has all the action and humor that made the cartoon work so well though. Best of all, the original Kim, Christy Carlson Romano, appears to pass the torch to Stanley and make this a rare animation to live-action adaptation that works.