10 best Disney Channel movies based on beloved Disney Channel shows

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8. The Proud Family Movie

While it's considered "non-canon" now, this animated film is still a good continuation of the hit series. Penny is outraged when her dad overreacts to her kissing a boy and grounds her before her birthday. That leads to major tension inside the family. 

Things get crazy with a plotline of a mad scientist kidnapping Oscar and then Penny being replaced by a clone. That leads to a chase in the tropics, during which Penny and her dad come to an understanding. The sequel series Louder and Prouder revealed this whole thing was a crazy dream by Penny, yet there are still some warm family dynamics to make this outlandish film worth watching. 

7. Kim Possible: A Stich in Time

The first movie based on the hit animated series was a terrific step up. Kim is jarred when best friend Ron might be moving away to break up their partnership. Before they can handle that, a pack of Kim's enemies join forces to steal a time-travel artifact.

Thus, Kim and company are sent on a trip from past to the future with wild turns on characters such as Kim's nerdy brothers growing up to be commandos. It was a stand-alone adventure but still fitting for the charming series.