10 best Disney Channel movies based on beloved Disney Channel shows

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6. Jett Jackson: The Movie

The Famous Jett Jackson was an underrated Disney show with Lee Thompson Young as the title character, the star of a spy TV show filmed in his hometown. As the movie finale begins, Jett decides to end the show so he can attend college, causing anger among the townspeople. Things take a fantastic turn when an accident causes Jett to swap places with his character Silverstone. 

Young handles the dual roles with the fun dynamic that while actor Jett is able to play being this spy, Silverstone is out of his depth pretending to be a normal teenager. It's an unexpected way to end the show, but in the end, it helps Jett make his decision and gives fans one big adventure to enjoy.

5. Kim Possible: So The Drama

Originally intended as the series finale of the popular spy series, Disney instead ordered another season, so this stands as a great expanded adventure. It's a bigger mission than usual, as Kim has to rescue her dad from Dr. Drakken before he completes a device that can control the world. The mix of hand-drawn and computer animation sparks the action more than usual.

But the real heart of the film is Kim and longtime sidekick Ron finally facing up to their feelings for each other as Kim is as focused on the prom as saving the world. The voice acting is top notch and it's a good conclusion that might have worked as a series finale. Regardl still a big moment for one of Disney Channel's most loved shows.