10 best Disney Channel movies based on beloved Disney Channel shows

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4. Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas!

Nestled between seasons 2 and 3 of the Disney Channel comedy, this is a throwback to network shows doing TV movies of their series. What starts off as a Christmas trip for the Duncan family turns into a giant mess as Teddy wanting to go on her own leads to her and her mom Amy being forced on a cross-country trip to relatives in Palm Springs.

A big turn is Teddy realizing her mom is expecting another kid while Bob has to face his judgmental in-laws on his parenting skills. The comedy is nutty, yet the family dynamics are lovely as the mother and daughter overcome their issues, so even if it's not Christmas, this is a fun film to enjoy. 

3. Wizards Of Waverly Place: The Movie 

This film wonderfully expands on this huge Disney Channel hit with Selena Gomez shining. The Russos take a trip to Bermuda, with Alex clashing with her mom and being grounded for her antics. That has Alex making the big mistake of wishing her parents had never met, which a magical artifact makes true. Now, Alex and her brothers are in a race against time to undo the wish before they're erased from existence.

While there's good effects and Gomez is delightful to watch, the movie also shows the family dynamics as, even without their memories, the Russo parents are able to help their kids and Alex has to learn a lesson on being grateful for what she has. For fans of the show, it's great, but even non-fans can enjoy it well.