10 best Disney Channel movies based on beloved Disney Channel shows

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2. Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension

The wildly inventive animated series got a movie that was just as outlandish and hilarious as the main show. It starts in typical fashion, with the teen inventors up to mischief while big sister Candace tries to bust them. An accident sends the brothers off hurtling through time and space and clashing with a villain trying to control both. 

A big turn is the boys finally learning pet Perry is a secret agent as they soon run into alternate versions of themselves. Amid all this is some good character work, like Candace realizing she's trying to become an adult too early and while the finale restores a bit of status quo, it's still an adventure that only Phineas and Ferb could pull off. 

1. The Even Stevens Movie

This movie was a perfect follow-up to one of the Disney Channel's biggest comedy hits. It starts with Louis (Shai Labeouf) causing a mess at Ren's (Christy Carlson Romano) graduation, kicking off some tensions. The Stevens thus accept a vacation to a tropical island where Louis messes up a sacred idol, causing the native tribes to go after them and the family warring with each other. 

What the Stevens don't know is that they're the unwitting stars of a reality TV prank show, the "natives" are actors and everyone back home is watching them go crazy. It's a fun film with good stuff like Ren hunting Louis, but in the end, a reminder that family overcomes all to cap off this beloved show.

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