15 best Disney Channel Original Movies ranked

'High School Musical 3' Sydney Premiere
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14. Stuck in the Suburbs

Notable as the first Disney Channel film to have its own soundtrack, this has a few future famous faces. Danielle Pannabaker is a suburban girl who accidentally finds the cell phone of pop star Taran Killam. She and friend Brenda Song decide to have some fun by arranging for the guy to get a new wardrobe, a stylist, and more. They soon learn the guy is trapped in the image his company wants rather than being himself. That's a good theme to elevate the tale, and all three leads have good chemistry together. The songs are also fun to make a cliche story into a charmer. 

13. Get a Clue

In between her breakout in The Parent Trap and her launch to stardom in Mean Girls, Lindsay Lohan starred in a few Disney Channel projects. This was the best with Lohan as a wealthy New Yorker who also is an aspiring journalist. When her favorite teacher goes missing, she becomes a detective to solve it, aided by her friends (including future Disney Channel favorite Brenda Song). Lohan's star power is on display, along with great fashion, sparking what could have been a forgettable film into a delightful story mixing mystery and comedy well for tween audiences.