15 best Disney Channel Original Movies ranked

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12. Motocrossed

One wouldn't expect the Disney Channel to adapt Shakespeare, but they did in a tale inspired by Twelfth Night. When her motocross ace brother is injured in an accident just before a race meant to help their family, his twin sister cuts her hair and poses as him to join the team. There's the easy comedy of her pretending to be a guy and the inevitable subplot of her falling for a rival biker who doesn't know her secret. The racing is fun, and the actors are endearing to make this an unusual take on the Bard's tale that somehow works nicely for the Disney Channel. 

11. Brink!

The third-ever Disney Channel original movie takes its inspiration from the classic tale of Hans Brinker. Brink is a member of a rollerskating team who loves racing around Los Angeles. When his family faces financial troubles, Brink swallows his ethics to join a professional skating team and clashes with their "win at all costs" mentality. There are messages of peer pressure amid some great skating, especially the final race scene. Sure, some of the music and language may be dated, but the final put down by Brink of his rival is a capper to a fine tale that set a formula scores of Disney Channel movies followed.