15 best Disney Channel Original Movies ranked

'High School Musical 3' Sydney Premiere
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6. Cadet Kelly

Putting together Disney Channel favorites Hillary Duff and Christy Carlson Romano was a recipe for success. It helps that their actual movie is fun. Duff is the title character of a girl who is not happy when her mom marries an Army officer and has to enroll in his military academy. Romano is the straight-laced captain who acts like a drill officer on Kelly, not helped by both having a crush on the same guy (Shawn Ashmore). The two have good chemistry, with Duff's energy terrific and a warm finale to cap a great match of Disney Channel starlets. 

5. Luck of the Irish

It doesn't have to be St. Patrick's Day to enjoy this film. Ryan Merriman is a teenager who always seems to have the best luck, thanks to a gold coin he carries. When his lucky coin is stolen, his hair turns red, he has pointed ears and an accent. His mom breaks it to him they're actually leprechauns and have to find his gold coin or be stuck in leprechaun form forever. Cue some nutty hijinks that somehow end in a basketball game, but the cast and fun Irish theming make it a delightful story, even if you're not Irish.