15 best Disney Channel Original Movies ranked

'High School Musical 3' Sydney Premiere
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4. Zenon Girl of the 21st Century

A true cult classic film, Kristin Storms is the title character of a girl living on a space station in 2049. After her pranks cause a mess, she's literally grounded by being sent to Earth. Zenon becomes a bit of an outcast with her weird behavior but has to step it up when she uncovers a plot to crash the station in an insurance scam. Future Disney Channel star Raven Symone is her best friend aiding her as Storms makes the film work. The movie spawned a couple of sequels, but the first is the best for its delightful humor and upbeat concert ending. 

3. Halloweentown

Every October, there are two movies you can count on Disney Channel airing: Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown. It's a simple story of a teenage girl who travels to a quirky town, meets her grandmother (the legendary Debbie Reynolds), and discovers she's from a family of witches. Cue nutty hijinks of learning magic and then having to stop an evil warlock from gaining power. The film's energy is infectious from Reynolds to the conflict between generations, as the girl's mother never wanted her to be part of this legacy. It inspired a few sequels, while the first is still a Halloween mainstay.