Best ice cream places at Walt Disney World ranked

Mickey Through The Decades Collection Launch Celebration
Mickey Through The Decades Collection Launch Celebration / Rachel Murray/GettyImages
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9. BoardWalk Ice Cream

This newly reopened location on the Boardwalk lives up to its name in some great ice cream treats. The sundae options are terrific, letting you choose the flavors and number of scoops and cool names like Shoreshine and Ride the Wave. The Bayside Brownie a la mode mixes it with a brownie and you can still get just regular old scoops of ice cream. Plus, there’s a great variety of milkshakes, and the Mickey’s Kitchen Sink sundae is a whopper to make this one of the best places in the Epcot area for some ice cream. 

8. Vivoli il Gelato  

If you’re a gelato fan, then this Disney Springs location is the place to go. It’s small but holds the history of the famed Italian ice cream-making family with photos of their legacy. The open counters show the whopping 24 flavors of gelato offered which can be in scoops of a cup or cone.

There’s also the Bombolato, a scoop inside a warm donut and sauce of your choice. That’s not to mention the shakes, floats, waffles, pastries and more. While some may not be gelato fans, the sheer variety here has to have this on the list. 

7. Salt and Straw

The newest place on the list, this opened at Disney Springs in 2022. So far, it’s proving itself as a unique ice cream spot with one-of-a-kind treats at good prices. All the flavors are fantastic, crafted from local ingredients and specialized offerings like Mathilde’s Hibiscus and Coconut Sherbet, Honey Lavender, Strawberry Honey Balsamic with Black Pepper and Double Fold Vanilla.

Also, there are special seasonal treats like Pumpkin Spiced Tiramisu and other Halloween-style ones that are likely to change for Christmas. That makes this place a good new spot to check out for ice cream buffs.