Big news out of D23 - Dinoland heading toward major changes...bye-bye Dinosaur

Disney announced at their huge D23 event in Orlando that major changes will be coming to the Disney World parks and none are as big as what is coming to Animal Kingdom.
Dinosaurs come back to life in DINOSAUR, a heart-pounding adventure in DinoLand U.S.A. at Disney’s
Dinosaurs come back to life in DINOSAUR, a heart-pounding adventure in DinoLand U.S.A. at Disney’s /

Massive changes are coming to Disney World parks in the future. Changes have been teased for quite a while but now, after the big D23 event that was presented Saturday, we have a better idea of what might be coming and nothing is bigger than the what is changing at Animal Kingdom.

According to D23, Dinosaur the ride and Dinoland, an area at Animal Kingdom are coming to a close and will undergo massive changes. According to what is being reported, Disney fans can expect an Encanto-themed area that mixes, potentially, with an Indiana Jones area.

First the Encanto theme. Disney has been without their biggest ride in the area for a few years now. That was the rickety roller coaster, Primeval Whirl. The back breaking shaker was often down and finally taken down.

Since it's departure, the area of Dinoland has been more of a carnival midway with game booths and the only ride remaining was Triceratops Spin. Now, it's all going away. It's long overdue.

Encanto has been a huge hit for Disney and now it will be reflected at a Disney park. While I still think this should have been a Zootopia addition Encanto works well too.

Speaking of Zootopia, rumors are that a new themed addition will take place under the Tree of Life indicating that A Bug's Life could be going away.

If we step into our own imagination we can picture the new Encanto world coming to Animal Kingdom but where would Indiana Jones play into this? That is actually not hard to imagine.

Dinsosaur the Ride is another back-breaking ride that is probably due for a makeover. It would make a lot of sense to retheme that attraction and the area around it. Why? Because the entry to Dinsoaur is actually a semi-museum consisting of bones and artifacts. Indy is all about the archeology so it is a completely natural fit.

Obviously we don't know all of what is going on just yet but there was some presentations of what we can expect.

This soon to be rethemed area of Animal Kingdom will be a fantastic addition to the park that underwent big changes when it added Pandora year's ago. We should expect the same level of attention to detail when Encanto arrives.

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