Blizzard Beach is finally reopening! Find out when and why it matters for your trip to Disney World

It seems like forever since Disney World guests have had a chance to choose from two water parks but now, they will have that chance again.

Vienna Girardi Visits Disney Water Park - July 24, 2010
Vienna Girardi Visits Disney Water Park - July 24, 2010 / Handout/GettyImages

Disney has announced that the long closed Blizzard Beach will reopen November 6th but fans shouldn't get too excited about the two-park option.

According to, there are no hours showing for Disney's other water park, Typhoon Lagoon after November 5th which could mean that park might shut down for a period of time while it undergoes maintance and updates.

Together, the Disney World water parks give guests more than a singular option. SeaWorld has Aquatica and Universal has Volcano Bay. Even LegoLand Florida has a water park but none offer guests the choice between two.

If you have never been to one of the Disney water parks but have visited say, Aquatica, the difference is, well, Disney.

Aquatica is a nice water park with a lot of slides and fun features including a rapid river as opposed to just a lazy one but I would compare the two as one being a public pool and one being for member's only. Yes, the quality of everything at a Disney water park is better.

The fact that Blizzard is opening again is great news but for many guests, a water park in February and March doesn't sound all that appealing. Once you remember that we are talking about Florida, it makes more sense as water parks are nearly year-round options and they make for a great mid-week break from the other non-water parks.