Breaking down at Disney World: The best and worst attractions to experience a breakdown!

Taxes, death, and attractions breaking down at Disney World are things that will always happen.

Guests flee First Order Stormtroopers onboard a Star Destroyer as part of Star Wars: Rise of the
Guests flee First Order Stormtroopers onboard a Star Destroyer as part of Star Wars: Rise of the /
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Nothing says Disney World like long lines and breakdowns. If it has a gear, a track, or uses is going to break down.

Earlier this week it was reported by other Disney blog sites that Expedition Everest broke down mid-ride. They reported that guests were stuck on the ride in a vertical position for at least 30 minutes. That isn't fun or ideal and if you are afraid of heights, it universally sucks.

30 years ago, I was one car away from riding the Magnum roller coaster at Cedar Point when the ride broke down and stranded riders just before the big crest on the first hill. They had to be escorted back down the little walkway and since then, every time I go up on a roller coaster, I think about that moment.

The news of the recent stoppage on Expedition got me thinking, if Disney World attractions break down, what attractions would be the best ones to experience that breakdown?

Animal Kingdom - Avatar
Na'Avi bust in the guest shop of Flight of Passage. Photo Credit: Brian Miller /

Avatar: Right of Passage and Avatar: Na'avi River ride

Na'Avi River would be a fun ride to get stuck on if you landed in the right spot. The colors and music bring a soothing calm to the ride without a lot of repetitiveness so you could take it in as a relaxing wait.

Right of Passage would be interesting because you would remain in a 3D animated world, provided they didn't turn off the projector and make you sit and wait while watching a blue screen. Imagine if the ride stopped moving back and forth but the video still played. Could you imagine spending 30 minutes on a loop? I could.