Breaking down at Disney World: The best and worst attractions to experience a breakdown!

Taxes, death, and attractions breaking down at Disney World are things that will always happen.

Guests flee First Order Stormtroopers onboard a Star Destroyer as part of Star Wars: Rise of the
Guests flee First Order Stormtroopers onboard a Star Destroyer as part of Star Wars: Rise of the /
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I think we can all agree that some rides are not attractions you want to get stuck on at Disney World.

No one really wants to get stuck on a ride at any theme park because, well, it sucks but imagine if you were stuck on these rides! Before we get back to the best, these are some of the worst.

Space Mountain - For that matter any rollercoaster would be miserable no matter what part of the ride you were on.

Space Ranger Spin - If you have ridden the Buzz Lightyear attraction in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom, you know that the ride stops all the time but how many times could you handle listening to the voiceover about killing Zurg? On the other hand, your scoring would be out of this world!

Hollywood Studios - Toy Story Land
Toy Story Land is home to Woody's Lunchbox /

Rise of the Resistance - You would think the idea of walking through a Star Destroyer would be bliss but in reality, it isn't. I've been shuffled through this ride twice and the idea of walking among AT-ATs is thrilling until you realize that you are being led to the closest door and escorted down the back halls used by cast members to get to their break rooms.

Journey Into Imagination - Please just shoot me now!

It's a Small World - The thought of being stranded on a boat in any country of It's A Small World, is cringe-inducing. You could say that it would ruin your day. One trip across the animatronic world is bad enough. The song is stuck in your head and you hum it all day. You are starting to hum it now. That's the ride, you can literally hear it in your brain over and over again.

Now imagine being stuck on that ride and the song playing on loop even longer?