Carl's Date: Watch a sneak peek of the Pixar short playing ahead of Elemental

GOOD DOG – A brand-new short from Pixar Animation Studios catches up with Carl Fredricksen (voice of
GOOD DOG – A brand-new short from Pixar Animation Studios catches up with Carl Fredricksen (voice of /

Pixar's Elemental arrives in theaters this week and with it comes the return of the studio's iconic pre-movie short. For those who have never seen a Pixar film on the big screen, the studio is known for creating brief animated short films that play before the feature film.

Unfortunately, it's been quite a while since we've been treated to a Pixar short. In fact, you'd have to go all the way back to 2018's Incredibles 2 for the last time Pixar released a short ahead of one of its films.

Following some unfortunate box office flops, Pixar is perhaps hoping to recapture some of the moviegoing magic of yesteryear with the debut of a brand new short ahead of Elemental. The new short is called Carl's Date, and if you're a fan of the movie Up, you're going to want to see it.

Carl's Date, as the title alludes, follows the lovable grump Carl Fredricksen as he prepares to go on a date with a lady friend. But as it has been quite some time since Carl has last been out on a date, he's a bit out of touch with how the dating scene works these days. Thankfully, he's got his helpful friend, Dug, to help him out. Although Dug is just a dog, the adorable pup knows a thing or two about making friends, and perhaps he can offer some advice to his human pal.

Ahead of Elemental's release, Pixar has released a trailer highlighting the upcoming short. Check it out below!

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In addition to this being Pixar's first short in over five years, it's also, sadly, the last time we'll hear the voice of Ed Asner as Carl. The legendary actor passed away back in 2021, but not before filming a few projects. Carl's Date was one of these projects.