Check out the fantastic new sets for the Lego Star Wars 25th Anniversary line!

Lego Star Wars celebrates its 25th anniversary this year and fans can get some exclusive new sets with never before seen extras! Find out more here!
Photo: LEGO® Star Wars™ Imperial Star Destroyer™ Image Courtesy LEGO
Photo: LEGO® Star Wars™ Imperial Star Destroyer™ Image Courtesy LEGO /

1999 will mark the 25th anniversary of a lot of big movies. Among them is Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. But even bigger is that it marks the 25th anniversary of the LEGO Star Wars line, and they’re going to celebrate it in style! See what they offer here!

In 1999, the hype for The Phantom Menace was massive, bigger than anyone could believe. While the movie had a mixed reaction then, it has grown in stature among Star Wars fans since. The merchandising for it was off the charts, with just about every toy and novelty item imaginable.

The big one was that the Lego company worked with Lucasfilm to produce a line based on Star Wars. The first ones were obviously based on The Phantom Menace. The following year began sets based on the Original Trilogy with new sets for Episodes II & III and the Clone Wars cartoon. After that, pretty much every year brought new and more expansive sets, a few really more detailed versions of previous models. 

LEGO has continued to produce not only new sets for each of the movies but also specialized models for fans. In 2005, LEGO Star Wars the Video Game became a smash hit, loved for its fun puzzles and adapting the films. Subsequent sequels expanded the saga and made LEGO video games its own genre. 

Guests at both Downtown Disney and Disney Springs will spot the epic LEGO Store that often has specialized dioramas and models of the Star Wars characters, including a few park-exclusive sets and mini-figurines. 

So, with the 25th anniversary coming, it’s no surprise LEGO is going all out with special sets for the occasion.

Check out what’s coming for the Lego Star Wars 25th-anniversary sets

The new sets are special versions of previous LEGO Star Wars sets, with the Millenium Falcon, Tantive IV, The Invisible Hand, a “Boarding the Tantive IV” playset with a new Darth Vader figure, and a larger buildable R2-D2. The first ship models all come on a special stand.

As if that’s not enough, a few sets come with an exclusive figurine of a character never presented in LEGO form before. Those who get the Boarding set will receive an ARC Trooper Fives figure. Much better is that the R2-D2 set comes with a figurine of Darth Malak from the classic Knights of the Old Republic video game. 

The sets are available for preorder and likely will be sold at Disney parks as well starting on March 1.

Paul Southern, senior vice president, Lucasfilm Franchise and Licensing, Disney Experiences spoke to about the impact of the line.

"It’s been 25 years of true fun combining Lucasfilm’s expansive Star Wars galaxy with the ingenuity of the LEGO Group, offering fans exciting ways to recreate their favorite scenes, vehicles and characters from our stories. With the enthusiasm of our fans to engage with the Star Wars galaxy and express creativity through building, we look forward to continuing the legacy of fun for decades to come.”"

As if that's not enough, fans will be invited to make their own 25-second Lego fan films for the Star Wars website. Also, an updated volume of the LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary will release in April with a new minifigure.

It seems odd nothing for The Phantom Menace, which started the whole line, but it does seem LEGO has more waves planned to be spread out later in the year. At least Star Wars and LEGO fans alike can enjoy these fantastic new sets to celebrate an epic anniversary!

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