Check out the stunning new AA shown at the Zootopia land opening

The opening of Shanghai Disneyland's new Zootopia land offered a stunning new step in audio-animatronic technology! Check it out here!

Shanghai Disney Zootopia Grand Opening
Shanghai Disney Zootopia Grand Opening / Hu Chengwei/GettyImages

After weeks of hype, Disney has finally opened its new Zootopia Land at Shanghai Disneyland, and the ceremony was a big one. 

Based on the Oscar-winning 2016 animated hit, Zootopia takes place in a world where animal species interact. The new land copies several areas from the film and is highlighted by the brand new Zootopia Hot Pursuit dark ride, as well as a new interactive character encounter, Disney Zootopia Comes Alive at the Zootopia Park Apartments.

Disney CEO Bob Iger was on hand for the opening, which included a huge surprise as he was joined on stage by an audio-animatronic of Zootopia crook Duke Weasleton. Guests were astounded at the video of the robot actually walking, pushing a cart, and hanging from the cart as it talked to Iger.

While this may be reminiscent of the infamous Simpsons episode where the robots at Krusty’s theme park go wild, it’s also a huge step for AA technology and may pave the way for more developments down the road. 

This is the eighth land for the theme park, which has been paving the way in some fantastic new attractions. They were the first to have the TRON Lightcycle Run roller coaster and their Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure ride is considered the best version of the iconic attraction. 

This comes after Hong Kong Disneyland opened its World of Frozen Land, another big step in Disney’s international expansion. There’s no word on whether this Zootopia land can arrive in the U.S. Disney parks, although it’s possible the planned Disneyland expansion can provide some version of it. 

If nothing else, that fantastic Duke AA shows a big step for Disney technology and it would be fun if that, at least, jumps from Zootopia to life for guests in Florida or California.