Christmas has arrived and that means it will be departing Disney World soon, but when exactly?

2012 Disney Christmas Special Taping
2012 Disney Christmas Special Taping / Handout/GettyImages

The holidays are always special at a Disney park. From Disneyland to Disney World the parks are tranformed into winter wonderlands. Now that Christmas is almost over, the decorations will come down.

For many Disney fans and guests, getting to a Disney park for the holidays can be difficult. My wife and I have been annual passholders for years, even prior to COVID but we have yet to experience Christmas at any park. Retail life.

Each year we make a phone call to Disney to see when the decorations will come down with the hopes of making it in time to at least take in the colorful wonders of the Yuletide season.

So when will the decorations come down at the Disney parks?

The decorations begin to go up the night of October 31st when Halloween officially ends the month of October. Arrive at a park on November 1st and the decor is up but it continues to be added to over the next week. The same transformation will take place on December 31st.

The parades will end, the X-Mas parties are now over, but the decorations remain. On January, 1st, there will still be decorations and traditionally there will still be some decor in the parks until January 3rd but there is no guarantee from the Disney rep I spoke with. In fact, most of the decor will start coming down on New Year's Eve after the park closes.

Because of the holiday and turn of the calendar, there is a delay in decoration removal so the bulk of decorations begin coming down on January 2nd and by the 4th, they are all pretty much put away for another year.

This year, the Run Disney Marathon event will take place the weekend of the 5th and Disney doesn't leave the X-Mas decorations up for that. If you are planning a final trip to see the last of the holiday season, you should get there before the 3rd of January.