Comparing EPCOT's Festivals: Festival of the Arts, Flower and Garden, and Food and Wine

Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2023 at Walt Disney World. Image courtesy of Kurt
Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2023 at Walt Disney World. Image courtesy of Kurt /
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Food is the biggest part of any EPCOT festival but there is a big difference between the culinary options that are offered.

Let's be honest with ourselves, yes, we may go to see a specific artist that is performing at a concert at EPCOT for a specific festival but we really just want to eat!

Each of the festivals offesr its own types of food and the presentation also varies from festival to festival. How you rank them has to take into account flavor, presentation, and downright uniqueness.

Number 3: The Festival of the Arts - This festival ranks the lowest for a couple of reasons. One, the food offerings are not as deep as they are at the others. You have quite a few options but nothing like during the other festivals.

Second, the food is more "artsy", naturally. That doesn't take away from enjoyment but if you are going for a decorative look, the food needs to be presented as such and sadly it isn't always done so. It's a common theme, however, with all the festivals. Presentation has taken a backseat over the last couple of years.

Food and Wine - I would have this one listed first and honestly, for the sheer volume of options, maybe that is where it belongs. The longest-running festival, however, isn't something that holds up anymore. It is still great and I do go to the festival at least twice but the taste has become rather bland compared to what you get with the others.

Yes, I actually enjoy the taste of the Arts Festival food more but again, the volume of choices is much better.

Flower and Garden - This is my favorite for food choices. There is a good mix of options that most guests will enjoy, there is a "natural" element to most of them including vegetarian options (no I'm not a vegetarian).

I have found the flavors to be best at the F&G and more attention is given to the details. The plating is much better and each dish has more of a story behind it. With the F&W, it should be a taste around the world but it is more of a taste around America's version of the world.