D23 announces changes to coming to Test Track at EPCOT

A new updated, re-imagined Test Track may be coming to EPCOT in the near future according to a new D23 release.
Test Track At Epcot
Test Track At Epcot / Matt Stroshane/GettyImages

On Saturday, the D23 event made a ton of announcements about what might be coming to the Disney parks and one lower-key announcement could be bringing changes to Test Track at EPCOT.

Way back in 1999, EPCOT got a brand new ride. Test Track opened and through the years has undergone different changes from the ride itself to the queue and interactions. Now, it is going to go through another big change, one that hasn't happened for nearly 12 years.

The D23 event left fans wondering what exactly might be coming and what changes might be made. They didn't give many details. There is no expected close date of the current attraction and no news on what the "re-imagination" might include.

Will this remain a "test track" themed ride or will it be turned into something completely new and re-designed? We simply don't know just yet and sadly, there isn't likely to be any big news on this front until next year. If that is the case, we can expect actual changes and closures to come later in 2024.

What we didn't hear this time around was any mention of changes coming to Spaceship Earth. The long awaited re-imagining of the EPCOT ball now seems to be gone. Changes to the attraction were announced prior to the COVID pandemic but after the events of 2019, there has been no mention of those changes resuming.

From Moana to Figment, changes to EPCOT are on the horizon with new areas and a still too far away opening of World Celebration will eventually change the look of EPCOT.