How much is the Disney World Annual Pass and is it worth it?

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Taking the family to Disney World is becoming more and more expensive and, unfortunately, the company is starting to price out medium income families. Annual passes, while expensive, can actually save you money if you go to the parks frequently.

Currently, standard park prices range from $119 to $159 per park. That cost changes depending on the time of year, but more often than not it tends to lean toward the more expensive price. Adding a park-hopper pass to your day will have you paying around $200 per day. That's also per person. For a family of four, well, this can add up

The problem is Disney is so much fun and kids love it. So why deprive them? Well, cost of course. Disney's annual passholder option, while still expensive, does save you some money if you frequent the parks. Yes, you're still spending a lot of money, but it's cheaper on a per-park visit basis.

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Disney's pricing does get cheaper per day if you visit multiple parks on your vacation. The more parks you visit, the cheaper it gets per day. For example, as of June, 2023, a four-park pass will run you $99.00 a day or $396.00 per ticket and that will get you into all four parks or, if you choose, you can visit the same park more than once. It does not include a park-hopper option but does not require a reservation.

There is a caveat though. Most deals will come with an expiration date so check when you purchase your tickets. In the above deal, tickets must be used prior to September 29th of 2023 and they will expire 7 days after the first entry.

If you are planning on visiting parks only one time, the $396.00 isn't bad. But becoming an annual passholder might be a better option.

How much is a Disney World Annual Pass for out of state guests?

Disney offers multiple tiers of its annual passes, but if you live out of state, you only have one choice currently. For out-of-state residents, your only option to become an annual passholder is to purchase the Incredi-Pass for $1,399.00. That is a lot of money to pay for a pass and you would need to visit a Disney World Orlando theme park nine times to break even.

The Incredi-Pass does not have blackout dates, which means you can go to the parks at any time — even on high-volume days. The Incredi-Pass also allows you to make reservations for a total of five days. Other benefits include free parking at every park — saving you $25 each day — and discounts on select merchandise and dining options.