Disney 100 Exhibition is coming to Chicago: Here is what you need to know and when to go!

The acclaimed Disney 100 Exhibition is coming to Chicago! Find out when and where you see this amazing display of Disney history!
Colombiamoda 2023 - Day 1
Colombiamoda 2023 - Day 1 / Oscar Garces/GettyImages

Chicago residents better get ready: The Disney 100 Exhibition is coming to the Windy City! What is it, when does it arrive and where can you see this amazing touring look at Disney's history?

What is The Disney 100 Exhibition?

Having already toured London and Philadelphia, the Disney 100 Exhibition scoured Disney's history with some amazing items, many of which have never been shown publicly before. 

It opens with a special video by Mickey and Walt Disney digitally recreated from past footage. 

The galleries focus on different parts of Disney magic, from the stories that inspired movies to the classic songs to hands-on exhibits like a recreation of the bridge of the Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

A sample of the amazing items include a story script page for Steamboat Willie (which marked Mickey's iconic film debut in 1928), Bette Midler's spellbook from Hocus Pocus, and visual development artwork from iconic animated films like The Little Mermaid, The Princess and the Frog and Frozen. There's also offbeat stuff like what the robots from the Hall of Presidents look like on the inside and a scale recreation of Cinderella's Castle. 

An ABC special (now on Hulu) showed more of the Exhibition, including a section for long-gone theme park rides.

Where is the Disney 100 Exhibition opening? 

The Exhibition is set to open at the 35,000-square-foot Exhibition Hub Art Center, formerly known as the Windy City Fieldhouse, on Nov. 18. That date is no coincidence as it's also the premiere date for Steamboat Willie and thus the "birth" of Mickey Mouse. 

Chicago is an important spot for Disney as Walt was born in Hermosa, attended school there and even bought his first camera there. Thus, Chicago being part of honoring Disney's legacy is natural. 

Tickets are now on sale at both Disney and the Hub Art Center websites. With all these amazing artifacts of Disney lore on display in some fantastic galleries, any Disney fan in the Midwest should make a stop in Chicago this November to see this display come to life.