Disney and Marvel offer first peek at Agatha: Darkhold Diaries spin-off series

The new WandaVision series Blu-Ray set has an exclusive peek at Agatha: The Darkhold Diaries! See the return of Kathryn Han's wicked witch!
Kathryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness in Marvel Studios' WANDAVISION. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios
Kathryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness in Marvel Studios' WANDAVISION. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios /

WandaVision fans are in for a treat with the newly released Complete Series Blu-Ray set. Not only does it contain the entire acclaimed series but the first look at the upcoming Agatha Harkness spin-off!

The MCU may be in some flux now, but WandaVision was a huge deal as the first MCU Disney+ series when it debuted in 2021. It revolved around Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and the Vision (Paul Bettany), who was last seen dying at the hands of Thanos. Somehow, the pair were now living in a world based on classic TV sitcoms.

The series had twists and turns, revealing Wanda, in her grief, had used her powers to create this strange world. The major twist revealed that quirky next-door neighbor Agnes was actually centuries-old witch Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn), who was manipulating Wanda to gain power for herself. 

The series ended with Wanda trapping Agatha back in her Agnes persona. However, the newly released Blu-Ray set reveals how Agatha’s story doesn’t end there. 

A peek at the Agatha spin-off

Released on Blu-Ray and 4K UHD on November 28, WandaVision: The Complete Series includes some featurettes and deleted scenes. Among them is a newly released clip discussing Agatha with Hahn amazed at how the character took off. 

This includes clips of the coming spin-off, currently titled Agatha: The Darkhold Diaries, with Hahn back as Agatha, somehow regaining her memories and naturally out for payback. 

Co-executive producer Mary Livanos talks on the featurette about how “The character is so deep and heartfelt and dangerous. Continuing the story of Agatha and getting to know her more was immediately an imperative for us as creatives.”

Hahn adds how she found the idea of a new show logical and couldn’t wait to step back into Agahta’s shoes. 

When will Agatha: Darkhold Diaries premiere?

It will be a while before fans can see the series. It was to debut by now, but like all MCU projects, the strikes across Hollywood this summer have delayed production, with the series now expected to air in the fall of 2024. 

It looks like filming was completed, with the clip showcasing Hahn and some cast members like Joe Locke, Ali Ahn, Sasheer Zamata, Debra Jo Rupp and Broadway legend Patti LuPone. Aubrey Plaza will also co-star.

So fans can expect more of Agatha spreading her unique dark magic as her new spin-off is set to be a wild turn in the MCU.

WandaVision The Complete Series Collector’s Edition on sale November 28. WandaVision Season 1 streaming on Disney+.